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Auora Borealis

noun   Ni•roh•da    [nih-rho-dah]   Sanskrit

    Cessation, Removal.

    The quieting of the mind.

    The end of suffering.

Get the help you need, now.


Trauma is a part of the human experience, so are times of sadness and questioning - but they shouldn't run your life. 

We can help. 

Treatment for:

  • PTSD

  • Childhood Sexual Trauma

  • Veterans

  • Outdoor Sport Accidents

  • Eating Disorders

  • Depression & Bipolar I/II

  • Anxiety, Stress & Life Changes


Nirodah Therapists are dedicated to using the most cutting edge treatments available.


 From Cannabis and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, to nutritional support, to nature-based work,

your therapist will work with you to determine what will help the most. You aren't alone in this anymore,

now you have a team.

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"The night is darkest before the dawn, yet despite all the darkness, there is

still light." 

Therapy works. Let us show you how.

Taking the first step and reaching out is always the hardest, we get it. Our therapists are friendly and understanding, and will answer any questions you may have. Click below to learn more about therapy and how it works. 



Nirodha Therapy Group is a suite of practitioners brought together around common values: Personalized care for our clients, Prioritizing client feedback, Cutting edge therapy and Practicing in community - we don't like working alone, and know that we are more effective together.


​We provide ethical and effective treatment for people with mental health concerns, using cutting edge, research-based techniques to improve relationships within individuals, families and the community.


We strive to create a world without suffering, where people have choice and freedom

without mental health stigma.


If all of this sounds big and idealistic, you are right. We aim for the moon so we will land among the stars. Each therapist at Nirodha has a wealth of experience and training to offer, and we look forward to being partners with you in change and healing.

- The Nirodha Team


607 10th St Ste 104

Golden, CO 80401

Thanks for getting in touch! We will get back to you shortly.

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